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Martedì 31 Marzo 2015

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Programmatore Automatico 32


AT3-300A is a revised version of AT3-300 with enhancements in many aspects. One of the major enhancements is tray operation which upgrades from Single Manual to Dual Auto / Semi-auto. Auto option provides auto tray move in, move out and replacement while Semi-auto provides auto tray move in, move out but manual replacement.

AT3-300AL further increases max. programming sites from 32 to 64 to tackle today��s ICs requiring long programming time such as high density Flash, even for Serial Flash using SPI data transfer.
Besides the advantages of dual 3-in-1 integrations which are:
    Integrate 3 packing types in 1 system ---Tray, Tube & Tape.
    Integrate 3 job functions in 1 system ---Programming ,
           Marking & Packing Conversion.

AT3-300A/AL further incorporates following enhancements:
    Extend parallel programming up to 32 sites for AT3-300A
          and 64 sites for AT3-300AL.
    Enhance motion mechanism to increase throughput up to
          900 UPH, 4.0 sec/unit handler index time for AT3-300A
          and 900 ~ 800 UPH, 4.0 ~ 4.5 sec/unit for AT3-300AL.
    Incorporate auto tray in / out operation with separate NG
          tray / plate to upgrade system automation and rejects
    Incorporate auto socket positioning and enlarge tube in / out
          capacity making system easy to setup and operate.


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